3 Best Rock Climbing Portland Gyms That Can Turn Anyone Into A Rock Climbing Lover

rock climbing portland

Portland is a place with which anyone can fall in love because it always has something great and fantastic to offer its folk. If you were searching for a new hobby or a new indoor camping idea. Or if you were looking for an idea that can add thrill to your daily routine. Then, you are the exact place. In this piece of article, you will get to know about the best rock climbing Portland gyms that will turn you into a rock climbing lover. Below are the top 4 indoor rock climbing gyms.

List Of Best Rock Climbing Portland Gyms

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Planet Granite

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It is one of the most spacious Rock climbing gyms in Portland with facilities for climbers to revel in 30,500 square feet. The height of climbing walls is up to 55 feet that comprise 200 unique roots and 18 cracks. It is also a perfect place for boulders as it has an 18-foot high boulder along with a 40-foot ramp. The best part is they have private classes, beginner classes, and technique classes to teach the climbers. So, irrespective of the fact If you are a pro or an amateur this place is perfect for your Rock climbing journey.

Portland Rock Gym

The list of best rock climbing gyms in Portland is incomplete without Portland Rock gym. In this gym, you will find a 20000 square foot area for Rock climbing with a 40-foot tall climbing wall consisting of bouldering features. But for those who are into free solo climbing can enjoy bouldering features up to 17 feet tall. The best part is the availability to switch the items from Rock climbing to yoga classes to weight room or cardio equipment, and much more. If the trainer feels you are ready for outdoor Rock climbing, they will advise you to sign up for outdoor classes for a better experience.

The Circuit

People for whom Rock climbing is incomplete without bouldering needs to visit this rock climbing Portland Gym. This gym will offer you a fun inclusive atmosphere and culture-oriented community. Plus, if you are new to this sport, visit them and sign a beginner’s bouldering course and learn a new skill. You can even learn yoga if you become a member of this gym. Moreover, whether you are a resident of South West or North East Portland you can have access to the branches of the circuit.


All in all, if you are a resident of Portland or visit it, do not forget to go to a Rock climbing Portland gym for an adventure. These gyms are the perfect combination of fun and fitness. So, do visit the ones mentioned above after matching them with your requirements. Do not forget to share your experience with us, your friends, and family members.

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