A Guide To Spokane River Rafting

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If you’re ever in Spokane, Washington, then you shouldn’t leave without visiting the famous Spokane river. Experiencing river rafting on this river is a one in a lifetime experience. The trip through Riverside State park’s class 3 bowl and pitcher will be one of the most memorable raft trips in your life.

The spirit of the whole city is effectively captured by the Spokane river. It also features some beautiful views. Even though the rafting trip is adventurous, you also can bring your family or other loved ones. You definitely will enjoy your time here. We provide a guide to Spokane river rafting.

What To Expect On The Spokane River Raft Trip

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The awesome Spokane River begins its journey from the Coeur d’alene lake, Idaho. It then makes its way through the Ponderosa pine river alley. The trip is a two hour long one. On the trip, you’ll encounter some beautiful scenery, and also some rapids. 

The scenery is so memorable that it’ll be just like exploring a museum. From the river which keeps surging, to the picture-friendly landscape, as well as several volcanic rocks that have been sculptured over time, your trip will be one to remember.

Whether you’re novice, intermediate or pro at paddling, there are stretches of the Spokane river that will test your paddling skill. So, be ready for the adventure.

Safety Tips To Observe While River Rafting

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Always put on a life jacket or any other personal floatation device. These devices are there to keep you floating if you get tipped over. You should also know the correct way to put on a life jacket. Do well to make sure all the buckles are in place. When choosing a jacket, make sure it’s fitted; so as to give you the space to breathe as well do its required job.

To further enhance your safety, make sure you put on a helmet, novice or pro. It is also advisable to take note of the correct outfit for the occasion. Spring should see you in a wetsuit, a splash jacket, as well as proper river shoes. If the days are sunny, take along sunscreens, sunglasses, and put on clothes with fabrics that dry quickly.

You should also know the right way to hold the paddle. Let one hand be at the base of the paddle around the shaft area, and let the other hand be over the T grip at the shaft end.


Spokane river in Washington is one the best places to go river rafting. It features amazing scenery, as well as adventurous rapids. You need to know what to expect as well as safety tips to note. We provide a guide to Spokane river rafting.

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