A Look At Quill Lake And Its Historic Controversies

scuba diving at quill lake

A popular tourist destination it is also a place where you can discover the rich history of this old mining town. You can expect to find an abundance of historical artifacts in this historic treasure.

History Of Quill Lake

Quill Lake is named after the local copper mining family that settled there in the late 1800’s. Today you can see suits worn by their descendents in their quest for fame and fortune. Many of the original descendents are still alive and touring the world. You can join them on their tours and learn about the history and culture that surround the sites they have preserved.

In the quest for adventure, many scuba diving experts have designed trips to Quill Lake that take participants deep into the water and up into the air. These adventures are available on a number of different dives but are especially exciting for those who love scuba diving and don’t have time to spend on dry land. Most of these dives are led by experienced scuba divers who know how to deal with the artifacts found in the waters and how to deal with the harsh weather conditions. Diving enthusiasts usually leave with valuable artifacts that will last a lifetime.

As part of their scuba diving expeditions, many adventure scuba or diving teams set out on a number of dives each month. They call it a ‘journey’ because they never know where the next dive will take them. Scuba diving at Quill Lake gives these adventure seekers their dream come true, but they need to plan carefully. The first step in any quest is to set a goal. A team needs to decide on what they want to do, who they are going with, and when they want to do it.

Power Suits & Research

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Two of the most popular trips offered at Quill Lake are the Power Suits & Research. These trips combine several adventure activities into one, allowing participants to do everything from go parasailing to white water rafting, all in the company of some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in Canada. Along with the famous Colonel Graff’s deep sea expedition, participants can get to see the famous Quill Deep, one of the deepest lakes in the world, explore the underwater ecosystem, and, in between adventures, visit dive shops and learn more about the things they can do while on vacation in beautiful Quill Lake, British Columbia.

Quill Lake Power Boat Tour

For a different kind of adventure, young and old alike will find the thrill of the Quill Lake power boat tour. This tour allows participants the opportunity to become part of a group that includes the captain, his crew, and two scuba divers. It also allows young children to swim in the rock pool of the boat and watch their power suit swim through the water. On this tour, you will also get to experience firsthand what it feels like to dive.

Final Words

One of the most exciting experiences found in Quill Lake is the opportunity to participate in the study of archeology. During archeological digs, members of the archaeological staff collect various artifacts, such as artifacts used in the life of Captain James Cook, as well as original clothing and artifacts from various historical periods. The dig also includes a number of artifacts, including cannons, swords, and iron implements. Many of the artifacts are not visible to the general public and have been put on display at the local archeological museum. On a yearly basis, a number of archaeologists and historians also participate in what is called “Pile Walk”, an opportunity to walk the grounds of the archeological site, and look at the artifacts up close.

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