All You Need To Own A Scuba Shop

scuba shop

Here’s a basic shopping list for your scuba shop to have a good business so let’s start.

Goggles at Your Scuba Shop

Scuba Shop

The cheapest starting goggles are 0k from missions, then later on any scuba shop will sell them for 10k each. You can also find specialty goggles from elite treasure hunts that give small buffs such as increased breath capacity or nitro boost! If you want to be a bargain hunter though, it’s good to look around online beforehand as some people offer “bulk deals” where they give 5-10 sets of the same type of goggles at a discount. These deals don’t come by often though and can take time to find.

Flippers at Your Scuba Shop

Scuba Shop

The cheapest starting flippers are 0k from missions and then they cost 10k each in most scuba shops (there’s one exception where they’re 15k). As with any other shop you can also get them from elite treasure hunts for some buffs but these are rarer than goggles! You’ll need a total of six pairs or so before you can upgrade your outfit, which is when I’d recommend getting better quality ones, but until then just buy cheap ones. 

Mask at Your Scuba Shop

Once again there are 0k starting masks and 10k ones like goggles, however, unlike goggles, these are the only ones available. You’ll need 9 or so to upgrade your outfit (which is when I’d recommend getting better quality.) They’re also elite treasure huntable but these are even rarer than goggles! To be honest, the cheap ones work fine until then.

Oxygen Tank is a necessary tool at the scuba shop

Buying tanks is important because it’s what lets you breathe underwater. There is no point in having a store otherwise!! At first, try buying the cheapest tank from 0k missions and then buy better quality ones from scuba shops – that way you can get a 5K discount on top of the initial cheap price! Most tanks give 1 or 2 hours of breathing.

Neoprene Suit

This is what lets you stay underwater longer and protects you against cold weather like snow and icebergs (icebergs usually only appear in arctic waters). You’ll want to upgrade these as soon as possible but there’s no rush otherwise. Just make sure to keep stock of them because once again they’re essential to have a scuba shop! The cheapest one comes from 0k missions and costs 25k each, later on, 20k is standard.


Rings are the currency used in stores so you’ll need them to buy items. They come in two types- bronze (1k each) and silver (10k each). You can find both in any scuba shop but there’s no point getting silver ones when you could be spending that money on another item! Oh, and they’re also elite treasure huntable if you want an easy source of rings every now and then.

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