An Ultimate Guide To American River White Water Rafting

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Whenever there is a discussion about adventurous sport, we hear about American river white water rafting the most. People tend to love white water river rafting because of its thrilling experiences. While talking about white water river rafting, how can we skip American river white water rafting? It is indeed the most popular and best-known destination for white water rafting. This destination became famous because of its versatility as it offers thrilling as well as easy rafting experiences for people of all age groups. Know about some interesting facts related to American river white water rafting.

History of American River White Water Rafting

A small boat in a body of water

Native Americans have lived on the banks of the resource-rich American River for approx 5000 years. After that, Spanish foreigners settled there in the Central Valley region, and it was once covered in vast swamps. They developed their business and companies in the 1800s. And then, in 1839, a person named James Marshall, one of Sutter’s employees, found the gold on the south fork of the California river. And this discovery initiated the gold rush on the south fork. 

Under the Wild and Science Rivers Act of 1972 and 1980, the American River became one of the seven rivers in California to have “Recreational River” status. This act protects and recognizes the outstanding, historical, and natural recreational values of the American River.

The gem of Inland California is 119 miles long, running through the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, and at last, converges with the Sacramento River in the San Joaquin Valley.

3 Popular Forks of American River White Water Rafting

A small boat in a body of water

American river is fed with a wilderness of dotted wildflowers and stunning geographical formations which range through the gold rush territory. have a look at three forks of American river white water rafting.

  • South Fork: South fork is popularly known for being a family-friendly destination. South Fork offers class 3 rapid, which is exciting American river white water rafting but not too intense. And that’s why it is just perfect for beginners and intermediate rafters. If you are a group with varying levels of river rafting ability, the south fork is the perfect destination for you.
  • Middle Fork: The Middle Fork of the American river is great for adventure. It offers you class 4 rapid and promises you the real thrill experience. And the unique fact about the middle fork you would fall in love with is the solitude on the river. If you are one of those rafting enthusiasts, Middle Fork is absolutely for you.
  • North Fork: The North fork of the American river has the highest flowing and endless rapids, which is the most intense spot for rafting in American river sections. If you want to raft in the North Fork, you must have previous rafting experiences in good physical condition.


It is for sure that for the thrilling and intense rafting experience, American River white water rafting is the best destination in California. You can visit it with your family, friends and any other group and feel the thrill and excitement.

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