Big Fish Kayak: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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The Big Fish Kayak, manufactured by the Big River Boating Company, is a high quality kayak that can be used for fishing in many conditions and at any time of the year. The Big Fish kayak features the three-point seat system for increased stability. This makes the Big Fish Kayak great for all water conditions. The Big Fish Kayak also features the new Wave Master seat which gives the user the advantage of the seat moving in the wave pattern of the lake or river, for stability.

Benefits Big Fish Kayak
Benefits Of Big Fish Kayak

Features Of The Big Kayak

The Big Fish Kayak comes with features that other kayaks do not. The three water-tight compartments hold the kayaks paddle, tackle, rod, and everything else you need for the day. The Big Fish Kayak also has storage space for other accessories such as rods, floats and lines. The Kayak also features an adjustable seat with a comfortable padded backrest. This makes it easy for people to sit in the chair while they are on the boat.

The Big Fish Kayak also features an outrigger that gives the user extra protection against the wind. It is of polyethylene. And includes the rod holder and anchor. The outrigger can be install with the use of brackets that lock into place.

The Kayak has a large interior storage compartment. This storage compartment holds enough equipment for an entire day of fishing. The storage compartment also includes enough room. For other accessories and supplies to be stored. There are a few drawers and pockets on the exterior of the kayak for additional storage. This is an essential feature that any angler would want in a kayak that will help them carry everything they need when out on the water.

Riding On Big Fish Kayak
Riding On Big Fish Kayak

Gets You The Most Efficient Fishing Experience : Big Fish Kayak

The Big River Fishing kayaks outriggers are designed for the most efficient fishing experience possible. The Kayaks sit on the surface of the water making it easy for anglers to access the boat from the shore. The outriggers have the added benefit of providing anglers with stability during difficult river conditions. The outriggers are designed to fold down to allow anglers to access the boat. And also provide the anglers with much needed stability when maneuvering in the river.

The Big River Fishing kayaks outriggers are very well consctruct and feature an internal shock absorber. That allows the kayaks seats to move with the kayaks body for increase stability during a hard landing. A built in stabilizer is incorporate into the outrigger for greater stability. These kayaks also feature a strong yet lightweight frame construction. The outriggers are also very light weight and make carrying the kayaks easier.

The Big River Fishing kayaks features the same features on their Outrigger that is on their Bigfish Kayak. But they feature the Outrigger on a single kayak instead of two kayaks. The Outrigger feature includes a built in stabilizer system for stability. The Outrigger also has two water-tight compartments that make it easy for the angler to store their kayaks supplies. They have a padded storage trunk that has plenty of room to store everything the angler needs while fishing.

The Big River Fishing kayaks also feature built in trolling motors and have been built with durability in mind. The boats use a paddle with an electric rod. The rudder has an extension that enables the angler to move the paddle on a small lake or river, so that they do not need to fish on a large body of water for a long period of time.

The kayaks also feature large and removable storage hatches for storage. The storage hatch features a locking lid that protects the kayak from sunlight, wind, debris and other weather conditions.

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