Explore Underwater Wonders in Puerto Rico

scuba diving puerto rico

Scuba diving in Puerto Rico is one of the most sought after activities during vacations and holidays. With such a rich diversity of marine life, there is also a variety of different diving options. Two popular dive sites are Rambla Island and San Juan del Carmen Island. Other dive locations include Cayo Coco, located on the south coast of the island; and Playa Blanca, which are located on the north coast, just east of Puerto Rico.

Water Temperature

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In terms of scuba diving in Puerto Rico, diving regulations depend upon water temperature, current conditions, and safety measures. Diving can be safely done during any season except that visibility and underwater noise are much reduced at night. Divers should be aware that currents can sometimes be strong enough to cause problems. In addition, diving off of damaged or sinking ships can be dangerous.

One of the most popular scuba diving locations in the Caribbean, Rambla Island has the dubious distinction of being the location where the first recorded coral dive was undertaken. It is an open sea facility, which means that there are not always life guards on duty. This may not pose a problem to inexperienced divers, but it can pose a problem during periods when there are high winds or waves. In addition, there is a great deal of potential for wreck diving in the area, which involves scuba diving into old military ships that have capsized due to flooding. In some cases, divers may also encounter sharks, but this is generally rare.

San Juan Islands

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Another popular dive site in Puerto Rico is the San Juan Islands. While most of the scuba diving in Puerto Rico involves exploration of open water, there are still some wrecks that offer a wealth of underwater scenery and caves. For example, there is the Rambla Islands, which has a series of underwater caves including Caveman’s Chasm. In addition to cave passages, there are also many sunken ship wrecks that offer a perfect backdrop for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Explore Wrecks And Reefs

For divers looking for more than just underwater scenery, there is plenty of opportunity in Puerto Rico to explore wrecks and reefs. For example, the Cayo Coco Reef is a popular wreck site that offers a wide variety of fish and marine life. The Cayo Coco is a protected marine reserve, so all fishing and other invasive activities are discouraged, although scuba diving and other forms of marine exploration are still allowed.

To find the best scuba diving in Puerto Rico offers, it is important to explore all of the various dive sites. One of the most popular dive sites is the Cayo Coco Islands Marine National Park. Here, you will find a large number of wreck sites, wrecks that are over 100 feet in length, and great coral gardens.

Summing Up

In addition to these wonderful dive sites, Puerto Rico is home to many other natural wonders. For example, it is one of the few island nations to have a national park for marine mammals. This island nation is also home to numerous dive shops where you can rent equipment and get trained by professional trainers. You can choose from the best scuba diving destinations in the world and fulfill your desire to see under the water life with various local and foreign species.

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