Five Places to Enjoy the Magic of Panama City Beach

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Sunlight Water Sports is one of the many great options for outdoor fun in Panama City. Enjoy a day of watersports on the calm Pacific Ocean or the exciting Caribbean Sea. With so much to do, you can simply spend hours on end on these activities. Here’s a look at a few of the many choices available for you:

Enjoy Sunshine Water Sports On Panama City Beach 

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The serene, azure-blue waters of Panama City Beach are second to none when it comes to surfing and sunshine water sports. Enjoy an afternoon on the water with a picnic and a glass of lemonade. Journey to the island’s quietest end, where you’ll find an offshore rock formation perfect for beginners. Jet ski out into the surf and catch a wave or two. Head back to the beach and relax, watching the dolphins play.

Visit the Wild and Free Water Park One of Panama City’s most popular destinations for sunshine water sports, the Wild and Free Water Park offer everything from banana boats to wakeboarding and kayaking. The park features a large collection of jet skis, canoes, rafts and more for every skill level. Kayaking is especially popular, with guides providing lessons before and after each session. No matter how skilled you are, get some training here before hitting the water on your own.

 The Island Of Guayaquil

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Try the Panama City Deep Bay This bay is smaller than the island of Guayaquil but home to some of the most talented anglers in the area. Located off the coast of Panama City, the Deep Bay provides a great deal of excitement for those who love the deep sea. Fly your plane into nearby Panama City and make your way to this exciting destination. Here, you’ll find a huge variety of Panama City beach activities, including jet ski rentals, kayaking, windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling and more.

Enjoy Guayaquil’s premier dolphin tours If you’re an adventure’s lover, you definitely want to check out Guayaquil’s dolphin tours. The city of Guayaquil sits at the mouth of Guayaquil’s Panama Canal, so dolphin tours are a common sight here. You can either book one of the many Guayaquil dolphin tours that head out from the Panama Canal itself or charter a banana boat to go dolphin-watching from remote areas near the canal. Many of these tours are led by experts in the water, so you’ll be able to relax, enjoy and learn about aquatic life in Guayaquil.

Experience Panama City’s Beaches In Style

Jet skis are not the only thing you’ll need to bring along when heading to Panama City Beach. There are plenty of other activities to choose from when heading to the all-inclusive Panama City Beach. One popular activity is parasailing, which allows you to get up close and personal with birds and fish. Or, if you prefer to skip Para sailing and instead opt for something a little more relaxing like snorkeling, then you’ll enjoy the Panama City Beach’s shallow beach areas, where you’ll find numerous tropical fish species. There are also plenty of beaches and resorts where you can just relax and bask in the sun.

Bottom Line 

Nighttime is your chance to take things up a notch up in the ante While you can still see plenty of sights at night on the island, the action becomes a lot more intense. The water starts to warm up and the dolphins start coming out onto the sand dollars. This is a great way to experience the wildness of Panama City Beach at night. And, you can also view plenty of fireworks and light shows.

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