Have Wonderful Experience At Arkansas River Rafting That You Are Missing Out

arkansas river rafting

The Arkansas River is a primary tributary of the Mississippi River. It flows to the east and southeast because it crosses the U.S states of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. It is located near Leadville, Rocky Mountains, Colorado. The Arkansas is the sixth-longest river in the United States at 1,469 miles (2,364 km). Wide-open spaces on Arkansas lake have plenty of room for exploring river rafting, fishing, and many other water activities. Arkansas River rafting is too adventure and fun for you to enjoy on summer holidays. Here is some necessary information that you must know about Arkansas River rafting to make your trip more adventurous and delightful.

About Arkansas River Rafting

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Arkansas River rafting is an outdoor recreational activity in Arkansas River, where you raft to navigate a river and other water bodies. River rafting is an adventure sport that became popular around the 1950s and has a significant craze in the present time, too, among youth. Arkansas River rafting can be individual and also multi-person, where you can enjoy along with your group.

Equipments You Need For Arkansas River Rafting

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For Arkansas River rafting or any other River rafting, you must-have equipment to raft across the River, lake, and for your safety as well. Here is the list of things that you need for your exciting Arkansas River rafting. This equipment is made of nylon or Kevlar infuser with plastic-like PVC or urethane because plastic is more durable and long-lasting.


Paddles are a combination of plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber, layered wood, etc. There are unique kinds and varieties of these materials with low-end, entry-level paddles composed of cheap aluminum and plastic.

There are three basic paddle design for rafting that has three parts

Single blade



Guests on commercial trips generally use paddles as it is seen as a more engaging way to enjoy the Arkansas River rafting.


Oars are made of the same material as paddles like plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber, layered wood. Oars are designed for different rivers with various blade shapes as per other river conditions. This will be your savior in Arkansas River rafting.

Pins And Clips

Pins are referred to as hole pins or oar pins. The pin is made up of rubber and plastic. The top of the pin prevents the oar from slipping over, and the bottom of the pin connects to an oar tower to hold it in the right place. This is going to be your essential in Arkansas River rafting.


Oarlocks are used for the oars’ attachment as they make it easier in back and forth, making it easier for the person using the oars to continue downstream. Oarlocks look like a U-shaped metal flange topped on a pin. You will have a good time having this on your trip to Arkansas River rafting.


Arkansas River rafting is all you need to have an exciting and energetic break from the hectic schedule. Plan a trip with friends or solo Arkansas River rafting will leave you with good memories and a pleasant time.

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