How To Get A Free Shipping On Your Barts Water Sports Gift Cards

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The owner, John C. Reilly, has been a water sports fan all his life. At the age of six he had begun to enjoy the fun of riding his motorcycle on the beach and he even enjoyed going to the track. He always thought it would be a good idea to open his own water sports restaurant. This led him to attend the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, but his dream career was cut short when he became ill and had to drop out of school.

John Reilly

A man carrying a surf board on a body of water

Now that he is healthy again John Reilly has decided to come back to the college sport that he loved and have worked hard to start his very own Barts Water Sports Company. Reilly is hoping that his new company will help give him the success that he desires in his endeavors. There are two ways for you to gain access to his coupons for the water sports that he offers. You can either purchase one of his promotional boardshorts, or you can sign up for his newsletter.

If you choose the latter of these options then you will automatically receive a free shipping discount when you make your next purchase. You may also earn a percentage of all sales from your customers who also order the same Barts Water Sports clothing as you. You can also choose to upgrade your coupons at any time to receive even greater discounts on all of your purchases. This means that if you choose to become a valued customer of Barts Water Sports, you may qualify for a discount on your purchases. John Reilly states, “The more people who shop with us, the better our chances of success.”

Helping Out With The Marketing Efforts

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If you choose to purchase a board shorts instead of a gift card you will also be helping out with the marketing efforts of this wonderful new business. The gift card is not worth very much money, and in fact it may actually cost you more if you were to use it for a Barts Water Sports product. Reilly states, “It doesn’t make much sense to give away something that is of no value to the consumer.” He has a solution to this dilemma though; “we have created the ultimate giveaway – the Barts Water Sports Gift Card.” Every person that uses this gift card when purchasing Bart’s clothing will be gaining valuable exposure to a company that truly believes in success.

Worth Keeping In Your Wallet

Reilly continues, “the more people that you can get to come to your water park, the more successful you will be as a business owner. I don’t see why it should take thousands of Dollars to bring in one customer. In fact, I see no reason it shouldn’t cost less than a couple of hundred Dollars to get two customers in to your sitewide business.” These gifts are so beneficial to their recipients that they will feel indebted to the businesses for giving them this opportunity to gain financial freedom. These gift cards are also worth keeping in your wallet as an emergency back-up fund in case of emergencies.


If you are a fan and would like to get involved, you can select the gift card for your child’s birthday. Reilly has words of encouragement for parents who might want to give this gift to a young child. “We strongly recommend that parents take extra caution when picking out this promotional item. The key to remember here is that this offer is only available during the specified promotional period. So, if you plan on taking your child to the pool this summer, be sure to act quickly. The earlier you get the coupons, the better.”

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