Kayak -The Ride Of Life

Kayak - The Boat That May Take You For The Ride Of Life

A kayak is a boat that has enough room space for a person to sit comfortably. Unlike a canoe, a kayak has two blades on both the paddles, thus giving it the speed boost it needs. The construction of a boat is also in such a way that it has a better stability. Primarily, it has a proper balance in the water than a regular canoe. Kayaking was originated in Canada, especially in the northern part of the region. Initially used for hunting purposes, it has now become a recreational sport, but more than that, an extreme sport too. The kayak has been around for a long time but only recently has turned into an extreme game. We discuss the various types of kayaking here.

What You Can Do With A Kayak

People do recreational kayaking to relax and for fun. It neither involves any speed nor any competitive energy. Moreover, the kayaks used here are multipurpose to serve better recreational value, unlike the regular kayaks. Sea kayaking is a more aggressive approach, and it mostly consists of more than one person. It is much harder than river kayaking. However, it is not as competitive or extreme. The reason it is a more muted version of extreme kayaking is that the waves of the sea are not as violent. 

Surf kayaking steps up the notch a bit higher as it involves surfing the waves with a kayak. They are shorter than regular surfboards, making it harder to surf, and thus more exciting. The kayaks used for surfing are much different from kayaks that are used to sit on top as they have minimal legroom in comparison. A surf kayak paddler cannot sit on the kayak and paddle away as a regular kayak paddler would do.  

Whitewater Kayaking

Whitewater kayaking is the most extreme form of kayaking. It mostly involves rowing in moving water with waves, which can even become quite extreme, depending on their height. The whitewater kayaks are specifically built to withstand the impact of the fast-moving water. These kayaks are anywhere from 4 feet to 10 feet long, and they are the best example when we think of kayaking as an extreme sport.   

To pursue white water kayaking, you need kayaking gear that consists of the white water kayak. It also must have the paddle to row the kayak. Furthermore, it should have a flotation device in case one falls out of the kayak, a spray deck for the paddles to row. Finally, it must have a helmet to be ready for the impact of the waves.


Whitewater kayaking is not easy, and it takes time and practice to get the hang of it. The experts recommend to start with usual recreational kayaking, and step up the notch little by little, to sea kayaking. Surf kayaking, and finally, when one is ready, they can get prepared for the whitewater kayaking. They also suggest taking a lesson on whitewater kayaking before actually attempting it. Other things to keep in mind are that one should always dress according to the roughness of the water. It is also essential to have a reliable and robust kayak before hitting the whitewater to prevent injuries as much as possible. Finally, having a buoyancy aid is critical for the time when your life is on the line. Stay safe, and have fun!

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