Know About River Rafting In North Carolina

river rafting north carolina

River rafting is an adventure sport in which an individual or group of paddlers raft and navigate a river. It is done on a different level, from steady water to whitewater. It is very risky, that’s why it is called an adventure sport but is also a sport of fun and enjoyment. The biggest hub of river rafting is in North Carolina. River rafting in North Carolina is famous for its different level rafting, especially white water rafting.

Rivers For Rafting In North Carolina

There are so many rivers in North Carolina. Nantahala River, the broad french river, Nolichucky River, Ocoee River, Pigeon River, Green River. North Toe River. These rivers provide a wide range for river rafting to the interested paddlers according to their required levels for rafting. The Nantahala River, the French Broad River, and the Cheah River are famous for white water rafting. 

Each river in North Carolina has its special quality that ensures everyone who visits for river rafting in North Carolina enjoys a day with a great experience.

River Rafting Hub

A group of people riding on a raft in a river

Commercial rafting in North Carolina began in 1972 when NOC( Nantahala Outdoor Center) opened. Now there are so many flagship campuses that provide a wide range of trips and packages for different levels of skill and adventure for all ages. Thousands of families visit North Carolina to enjoy river rafting. Thousands of paddlers run the rivers every year and enjoy river rafting in North Carolina. 

River Rafting Risks

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The international scale of river difficulty, based on the current water speed, obstacles present in the river, and the deepest point inside the river, divides into six grades. These ranges vary from steady water to whitewater rafting which is very dangerous and has potential death or serious injuries. 

There is a risk of injuries from both environmental dangers and improper behavior. Whitewater has a fast running speed, including turbulence, holes, waves, eddies, undercut rocks, which causes the death of paddlers, and serious injuries. Typical injuries include trauma, traumatic stress. Fifty people die in whitewater accidents in the United States, so rafting in whitewater rafting is a popular sport but is not without danger. 

Preventions Of River Rafting

River rafting is a sport of adventure, so it has full of dangers. River rafting in North Carolina has dangers, too, but these dangers are minimized year by year. These dangers are mitigated (but not eliminated) by better training, scouting, the use of good equipment for safety ( helmets, personal flotation devices wearing lifejackets, throw ropes), and experience. It makes some rules for commercial river rafting operators to discuss safety rules. 

So the overall risk during river rafting can be minimized by using proper precautions. Thousands of people enjoy river rafting safely every year.


River rafting is an outdoor sport full of adventures. River rafting in North Carolina is worldwide famous because it has a large no. of rivers which provide a wide range for river rafting. There are so many flagship campuses that provide skill and adventure for all ages. Thousands of families visit North Carolina for river rafting during their vacations or holidays and enjoy it with a great experience.

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