Know About The Top Seattle Water Sports

seattle water sports

Seattle is the best destination to experience thrilling water sports. Every water sport activity brings something new to learn and discover. Water sports are an example of perfect family activity. As soon as you dive into the water, you will feel relaxed, weightless, and stress relieved from your body. Seattle water sports are so attractive to boost your mood in a second. It will teach you the importance of teamwork as almost all of the water sports require teams. Water has a tranquil quality that can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Seattle Water Sports You Must Try  

Go Kayaking 

A body of water with a mountain in the background

Kayaking is an amazing water sport done with a kayak to move across the water. Some things to keep in mind while kayaking, Always sit straight, use your big muscles for paddling, protect your shoulder. The shoulder will surely be injured if you are not aware while kayaking. Sports like kayaking are a great form of exercise. It will increase muscle strength and flexibility. An hour of kayaking can burn hundreds of calories. It is one of the best activities for weight loss.

Pier 66 Parasail

A flock of seagulls standing next to a body of water

Parasailing is one of the best Seattle water sports. Parasailing means flying high into the air with a parachute and getting pulled by a boat or a car. While parasailing, you will see a glimpse of dolphins, seals playing in the water below. It will benefit you with Vitamin D as you will fly high up in the air. Also, while flying in the air, you will feel amazing. It will be extremely relaxing. You will forget all of your worries, and it will be the most joyful moment.

Ohana Kai Watersports 

Ohana kai generally means ocean family. You need a jet ski, which you can take on rent. You must have a major credit card to rent a watercraft. The person whose name is on the credit card is called the primary renter. Once you have booked the jet ski, then no reservation will be provided if you cancel. The age of primary renter must be at least 25 years. The minimum age for a driver is 16 years, and no one should be less than five years of age. Seattle water sports are so exciting, and ohana kai is one of the best Seattle water sports.


Flyboarding will take you to new heights. It is an extreme water sport. The flyboard and watercraft are connected, and a rider stands on the flyboard. Water comes out with pressure towards the flyboard, and the rider starts flying in the air. Many people believe that it is not a safe Seattle water sport because it looks exciting but a little terrible. But it is the safest water sport to learn. It looks hard, but it is very easy and exciting. A flyboard can reach up to 10,000 feet. 

Enjoy Seattle Water Sports

Water sports are not only for fun but also they can improve your physical and mental health. Seattle water sports are the best and unique from others. Seattle water sports are safe, and no risk is there. They are so amazing that you must try it at least once in your life.

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