New River Rafting Tips – How To Plan A Successful Rafting Trip

new river rafting west virginia

Whether you’re a beginner rafter or an experienced river rafter, taking part in new river rafting in West Virginia is a great way to enjoy the bounties of nature. There are many rivers in the area that offer a wide variety of riverside activities and scenery. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best:

The Kickapoo River

A bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

The Kickapoo River is named for its distinctive yellowing banks and is one of the most famous rivers for rafting in the area. These rapids boast impressive rock formations and drop below stunning waterfalls. Experienced rafting outfitters are available to provide expert guidance for this and other rivers.

Big Run

A pile of snow next to a waterfall

Another great river to experience is the Big Run, which stretches from the Shenandoah Valley south through the hills of Spotsylvania County. A visit to the Falls of White Oak in the falls of White Oak Canyon offers breathtaking views of the river as it meanders through the falls.

Roanoke River

In the Roanoke River’s basin, adventure rafting outfitters are plentiful. Two of the more popular rapids, Cedar Run and Mountain Laurel, can be accessed by car and are reached on either side of Roanoke’s downtown. Another worthwhile stop on a rafting trip is the Roanoke Falls, where a cascade of water fifty feet deep overwhelms the falls at a fantastic rate. This waterfall is also popular with rafters.

Rappahannock River

The Rappahannock River is named for its high volume of small mouthwatering streams. Most outfitters in the area will have trips available that feature all parts of the river. You can select a rapid or float trip, depending upon which appeals most to you. You can choose to raft the entire length of the river, or a portion of it, depending on your preference.

How To Select The Outfitters For Yourself?

When choosing outfitters, consider whether or not they will provide all-inclusive trips and which river you would like to raft. All-inclusive trips offer accommodation, meals, and transportation around the area. Still, they do not include other expenditures such as fishing equipment rental, special boat tours, or other expenses such as camping. If you decide to bring your equipment, be sure to let the staff know to include this with your payment. Many outfitters will also provide lessons for new rafting customers.

American Heritage preserve System

A popular rafting destination in Virginia is the American Heritage preserve system in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The park offers access to beautiful falls, creeks, islands, and lands used for historical reenactments and rafting. The park office and its website provide information about the rafting opportunities available in the area and about the area itself. The Amiantown Historical Association has several interesting articles and photographs on the history of Amiantown and its early settlers.

Final Thoughts

Planning your trip is essential. The earlier you plan, the better your chances of having a fun and relaxing rafting trip. There are many other things to do while on your rafting trip, so take some time to explore the area and get to know the area. If you are new to rafting in the new river, you need to spend some time just relaxing by the river. There is no better way to spend a vacation than in the great outdoors, so plan your next adventure today.

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