River Rafting Near Me – River Trip To Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and it is among the most famous tourist spots in the U.S. The canyon is known for its overwhelming size and colorful landscape. It was formed around 5 to 6 million years ago when the colorado river began to cut a channel through the layers of rock.

How To Reach Grand Canyon

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Most visitors reach the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas or Phoenix via flight. There’s a small airport in Flagstaff, which is one hour away from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Some of the North Rim travelers reach there from Salt Lake City. Regardless of where you land, you’ll need to rent a car to make it to either side of the Grand Canyon as public transit is limited in this part of the U.S.

The Journey Through Grand Canyon

Rafting through the full canyon segment of the Grand Canyon national park is the best way to experience the beauty of this natural wonder. You’ll need to take a ride to the river mile zero, it is going to be the launch point of your rafting journey. There, it starts with a little bit of history and an introduction to the canyon. You’ll learn about the inhabitant who lived there, the first explorers who mapped the great unknown. You’ll also learn about the environmentalists who saved the Grand Canyon from turning into a series of lakes.

As you’ll travel downriver, there will be multiple stops and will give you the opportunity to see the best attractions of the canyon. Redwall Cavern, Colorado river, Unkar delta, and Nanka greenery are some of the amazing attractions hidden in the canyon.

Along the way, you’ll go through many rapids and they will keep on getting bigger and bigger. You get to experience the best part of your rafting journey within a few short miles past Phantom Ranch River mile 88 as the current of the river quickly changes pace here. After safely navigating through the heart of the canyon, you’ll get to see some unbelievable views that can only be seen in the Grand Canyon. 

Listen carefully as your guides educate you about the formation of the Grand Canyon and the rock layers that created the beautiful landscape. They will also tell you about the slot canyons, hidden below the canyon’s rim.

For the Grand Canyon national park, there are 3 different exit points on the full canyon route; via helicopter at Whitmore Wash River mile 188. For a drive out, at either Diamond Creek River mile 225 or Lake Meet at river mile 280.

Some Safety Tips To Follow During Your Rafting Trip

Always put on your life jacket wherever you are rafting and only buy the jacket that is the perfect fit for you. Learn about the right way to put on your safety jacket, make sure that the buckles are properly placed. Make sure that you put on a helmet as well. Wear the correct outfit according to the season, if it’s spring season, wear a spring jacket, wetsuit, and proper river shoes. If the days are sunny, carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and put on clothes with fabrics that dry quickly.


River rafting in the Grand Canyon is an amazing experience as it is full of natural wonders and adventurous ups and downs of the river. Plan a trip to the canyon and enjoy the journey through one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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