Some Of The Rivers To Go River Rafting Colorado

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Colorado has a whole lot of places to go whitewater rafting; the rocky mountains are especially known for the whitewater rivers produced. From June through to September, this is the season to go rafting. If you go early in the season, you will find that those are the fiercest times due to snowmelt.

You should however know the popular rivers people go for rafting in Colorado. Some you can go half day, full day, or some even overnight. It won’t be bad to go whitewater rafting for the first time or with your family. We discuss some places to go river rafting in Colorado.

Arkansas River Whitewater Rafting Colorado

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If you’ve ever gone rafting in Colorado, then you’ll know that the Arkansas river is well-known and the most rafted river in the state. You can see the headwaters near Leadville, it then flows past Buena Vista to Nathrop, through Salida, then Cañon City. There are many sections and trips to explore, with the Royal George being the commonest.

You may choose between the half day or the full day plan. If you’re up for it, you may decide to go rafting in other sections during the journey; like The Numbers, also down the Browns Canyon between Nathrop and Salida, as well as the Bighorn Sheep Canyon.

Animas River Whitewater Rafting Durango

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Durango, apart from being one of the biggest towns in Colorado, is also the most populated mountain town. It also is known for the Animas river which offers both half day and full day trips. You’ll encounter lazy floats as well as raging whitewaters on these trips.

The Lower Animas River is easier of the course. It comes family-friendly, with artificial rapids encountered through the Durango whitewater park. The Upper Animas River is known to be the longest and continuous stretch of class four to five rapids in the USA.

Yampa River Rafting Mather’s Hole Colorado

Yampa River goes by being the most notorious River in Northwest Colorado. Rafting on this River comes relaxing, with you encountering lazy floats, and some whitewater thrills through the trip. It is the perfect river to raft if you want to sightsee or just to enjoy the scenery.

The river meets up with the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument. You also get to encounter Class three and four rapids asking the trip.


Colorado is known to have a host of rivers to go whitewater rafting. You get to encounter different classes of rapids on each river. There are the half day, the full day, the multiple day, and the overnight trips. We discuss some of the rivers to go river rafting in Colorado.

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