Surf dude an Online surfing game

surf dude

Surf dude is an online game where you surf other players while dodging sharks.

Things needed to Play surf dude

A man carrying a surf board on a beach

A windows computer with an NVIDIA graphics card and 3rd party VNC server installed(tested on TightVNC). A fast internet connection for both host and client(LAN recommended) An android device running 2.1+ with at least 480Mb of ram free.

To win Surf dude and the rank

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

Just like real surfing you need to catch the best waves! If you surf without crashing too much, your score will increase over time and you’ll earn points. Get enough points before the round ends to move up in rank (see below). Watch out for sharks or it’s game over! Any shark touching you will kill you instantly – even the smallest one is deadly! If you’re starting, it may be a good idea to avoid surfing above smaller sharks just to stay alive. Larger sharks are not that common but also extremely dangerous so beware of them as well! There are three different ranks: Surfer Rank: The default surfer, no special ability. Tiger Shark Rank: One of the good surfers, you can see waves earlier and use your power-ups more often! You can also eat smaller sharks for a quick boost in speed. Nyan Cat Rank: The best surfer with Cheat Mode enabled, shortens all waves to a whopping 1 second! Easily catch perfect straight waves every time… but watch out not to crash for 12 seconds because of your extreme speed.

To get from one rank to the next you need to earn a certain amount of points within one round. For Surfer that is 100 points, for Tiger Shark, it’s 250 points and Nyan Cat needs 500 points. Earn enough points before the round ends to move up in rank!

Playing surf dude

Just load up the webpage, wait for the game to load (about 30 seconds), and start surfing!

You can choose between 3 different surfer models: The default surfer, the tiger shark, and Nyan Cat! It’s also possible to switch off animations, particles, etc. in the settings menu below the game. Once you’re done surfing, click any link on this page or press your browser’s back button to get back to this list of rules! If you found a bug or have any suggestions please leave them in the comments or send me (Kirschhoch) a tweet on Twitter.

One wave equals one second. If you fall off your board for more than half a second, the next wave will spawn in 30 seconds instead of 1-3 seconds, depending on whether or not there are sharks around you. This makes it easier to catch the next wave if the previous one was bad. For even shorter waves, hit smaller sharks! If you can’t find anything small enough check out “How do I play” above. There are three different kinds of waves: Straight Waves are perfect circles drawn between your current position and where you took off from. They last between 3 and 10 seconds depending on how far away they are drawn from each other (the further away, the longer they last). You cannot crash in straight waves but you might get stuck at the top or bottom of the wave if you’re slow. Hill Waves are smaller than straight waves but they last 20 seconds each. The closer they are drawn to each other, the faster they spawn! You can crash when surfing hill waves and it’s also possible that you don’t move anywhere for a while – just keep trying until you catch up with your board. Curve Waves are larger than straight waves and slower than hill waves. The last 30 seconds each but spawn relatively far away from each other so there is almost always a new one coming after 10 seconds if you fail on a curve wave, making them good practice for beginners. Like with hill waves, it’s also possible that a curve will not take you anywhere.

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