The Best CrossFit Bodyweight Workout Routine For Women

crossfit bodyweight workout routine

The CrossFit bodyweight and weight training program has become extremely popular with women. In fact, the number of women participating in the CrossFit programs is increasing at a rapid pace. The CrossFit workout routine is becoming so popular because it provides women with more overall exercise results than does doing a traditional weight lifting or aerobic exercise program. And it provides women with more options for working out, since they can perform most exercises using just their own body weight.

Smaller Muscles Than Men

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Women typically have smaller muscles than men, so they will naturally need to work those muscles more when exercising. Typically, men are more able to keep muscles from resting during exercise because they are larger in mass. But women have smaller muscles, so they will need to exercise them more to get the same fitness result as a man. That’s why women often perform twice as many repetitions on exercises like the squat, deadlift, bench press, and military press as men.

The same goes for cardiovascular exercises. Men typically burn more calories when doing cardio workouts than women. But women also require more exercise time, so they actually get the same cardio workout from women as men. Women tend to pace their workouts a bit more than men do. They also need to be aware of how much they are strengthening their muscles, and they need to make sure that they are not overtraining.

Less Testosterone

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Many people wonder how women can get muscles as large as men’s muscles. Basically, women have less testosterone in their bodies. Testosterone converts into muscle mass when a woman is in a strenuous exercise, such as weight lifting. And women have a greater proportion of lean muscle mass, so they need to work harder than men to get larger muscles.

The reason that women build leaner muscle is because of a chemical known as estrogen. It is different for men and women. Women, like men, produce an enzyme called estrogen. This estrogen helps them build lean muscle mass. However, while men have testosterone, which is an estrogen-like hormone, women do not. So, they need to compensate for this lack of hormone with an equivalent hormone.

How Much Should Women Lift

So, how much should women lift per workout session? Actually, they should lift about forty to sixty pounds per session. Men will typically lift more than twice that amount. Men usually use more muscles at once during a session. Women tend to use only one muscle group for each exercise. They will alternate groups of muscles throughout the workout.

Last Words

Women need to know how to listen to their bodies if they want to see results with their training. Most women can tell when their muscles are tired or not working properly. This is something that men do not have as much information about.

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