The Best Time of Year for Snake River Rafting and Whitewater Rafting

snake river rafting

If you are one of those adventure seekers who yearn for the thrill of going for thrilling water sports like river rafting and kayaking, then Snake River can give you the opportunity to do so. The Snake River in Idaho is known for having some of the best whitewater in the world. A raft trip to this river will let you enjoy all the great natural beauty, geologically significant rocks and geothermal activity. The river runs through five states – Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Oregon and Wyo.

There are several Idaho tours that offer snake river rafting trips. These tours organize trips to the Snake River, where visitors can enjoy river rafting, camping, geology and wildlife exploration as well as sightseeing. The tour guides are well equipped with necessary information, equipment, and other accessories that allow them to lead an enjoyable trip for the entire family.

Have Essential Equipment

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The first thing that you need to do before booking a raft trip to Idaho’s Snake River is to make sure that you have the necessary camping equipment. This includes everything from camping furniture to bug repellants and emergency food supplies. You should also be aware that bears are a regular presence in the Snake River. Hence, bear-proof gear should be used while camping. In addition, it is recommended that all campers carry an extra set of clothes for cold weather camping.

Get Permit

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Before starting the tour, make sure that you have the necessary permit for river rafting. River rafting is highly recommended for people who are not used to such activity. To ensure that your trip is safe and enjoyable, carry out the necessary checkups to make sure that all the necessary licenses and insurance are in place. Different rivers have their own terms and conditions regarding river rafting, so it is best to check these details with the tour operator or agency.

Take The Right Route

There are different ways to reach the Snake River, depending on the preferred route. You can either drive your vehicle to the Snake River campgrounds or you can camp at the Snake River campsites. It is best to plan your trip based on the best time to arrive. The best time to go rafting in Idaho is from May to October. The Snake River is the primary source of water for the region and hence the best time to go rafting is during spring time.

Never Forget To Follow The Guidelines

There are many river guides in Idaho who offer a variety of river rafting packages for clients. The guides take clients through raft trips that range from easy going day trips to those that involve much more challenging activities for the adventure seekers. The river guides can help you choose the right package depending on your needs. The Rainbow Trout and Jack Walker Wilderness courses are two of the most popular tours offered. Other popular packages include the Idaho Zoraster, Snake River, Staunton and Diamond Creek Float Trips, and the Snake River Rafting adventure.

The Ideal Time

The best time to go rafting on snake river trips is from mid May to October. This is the best time, when the rivers are at their highest flow levels. The rivers become difficult to navigate during this time and the rapids are typically more challenging. The best time to go rafting is from late May to early September.

Wrapping Up

The best time to go whitewater rafting is from mid September to late June. The river becomes easier to handle in its high volume flow and the rafting outfitters are able to get a lot of business during this time. The Rainbow Trout and Jack Walker Wilderness courses are the most popular rafting trips. Other popular rafting trips include the Snake River, Ketchum and Cedar Creek. The Ketchum and Snake River float trips are among the most popular in the state. In addition to the rafting opportunities, Alaska offers a multitude of campgrounds, lodges, cabins and vacation stores that offer activities and entertainment during the summer months.

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