The Remedies For People Who Feel So Anxious Learning To Scuba Diving

learning to scuba diving

There is nothing quite like experiencing the wonder of being so close to mother nature that you can almost touch her. With your own eyes, you can see fish swimming by, your hands feel the coolness of the ocean under your touch, and the sounds of waves crashing on the shore are right in front of you. It is truly an amazing experience! But what if learning to scuba dive could be dangerous? Could this be a once in a lifetime opportunity like no other?

Scuba Diving Can Be Mastered

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If you think about it there are quite a few risks when learning to scuba diving, but just because they are risks doesn’t mean they can’t be handled. You can have an instructor who knows his job, is experienced, and is right there beside you teach you all the skills you need. This is not the case for most first-time divers. It takes time, training, and lots of dedication in order to master scuba diving.

Anxiety In Scuba Diving

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Let’s take a look at the major risks when learning to scuba diving. The most common one, and the one that often results in the most serious injury, is anxiety. Diving with high levels of anxiety is a sure-fire way to open water and drown, so the first step is to lower your anxiety levels as much as possible before diving. Do this by practicing deep breathing exercises, and learn how to relax your body. This is a big one!

The Fear of The Unknown

Once you are ready to dive, you must overcome the fear of the unknown. A lot of people who are brand new to scuba diving have this irrational fear that some sea creatures will attack them or won’t show up at all. This can actually be a pretty common sense approach to fear. In actuality, 90% of all sea creatures are completely safe to human contact. The exception would be sharks, and then there are other types of fish that also tend to stay below the surface where humans cannot get a good view of them.

Learn Scuba Diving Before Doing Live

There are some very real and valid reasons why you should try scuba diving before venturing outdoors. The first of these reasons is safety. Diving in the open water can be a dangerous business if you are not prepared for it. If you have a good training program and take advantage of safety equipment like life vests and fins, you should be just fine.

Find A Good Program

If you have never taken scuba lessons before, it can be a very intimidating thing to try to teach yourself. Just remember that it is easier than ever to find a good program online or locally. These kinds of programs will give you lots less information than if you just picked up a book from the bookstore, but you will get a lot more training.

Do It Once You Are Ready

Once you do learn to scuba dive, and you have a great instructor and a dive buddy, you will feel like you have mastered an entirely new language. The underwater world is full of colors, sounds, and smells. You will find that you are quickly learning to read the underwater world map and chart. On your first dive, you will probably spend a lot longer under the water than usual because you will be just learning to use all of the equipment. It will seem like you are an expert on nothing at first, but you will get better as time goes on.


The last reason that you should feel anxious before diving is because you may have a fear of failure. Diving is supposed to be a great experience, and you could end up getting really scared if you are not ready. This is actually a good thing because you should realize that you are making progress. Once you have a few dives under your belt, your confidence will build up and you will become an expert in no time at all.

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