Three Day Rental Of The Vermillion River – What To Bring

vermillion river rafting

In the summer months, the Vermilion River in Colorado is a popular rafting destination. The river is one of the eighteen rivers designated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers as the National Wild and Scenic River. This river includes the Grand Canyon and Yosemite national parks. Each weekend thousands of visitors flock to Vermilion and neighboring Weld county to enjoy the thrill of whitewater rafting down the Vermilion River.

Oglesby Mountain

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One of the most enjoyable parts of the vermillion river rafting experience is the Oglesby Mountain. This mountain is 18 peaks in all. Most people tend to choose the easier treks up to the Grand Canyon. Once you reach the rim of the Grand Canyon, you can make your way towards the very start of the river, which starts at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Visit The Rainbow Springs Camp Park

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The easiest way to get to the heart of the canyon is to take a ride up to the Rainbow Springs Camp Park. Here you will find a beautiful view of the river below. You will also have access to numerous places for river kayaking and white water rafting. The Rainbow Springs Camp Park is very close to the town of Weld, and you will be close enough to commute to Denver. If you are looking for a little more excitement during your vacation, then you might want to try some of the spectacular whitewater rafting that the VMR has to offer.

Which Are The Different Classes Of The Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is full of Class III and IV rapids. These are considered to be the most difficult to handle. However, there is plenty of river rafting equipment on hand for these types of rapids. If you have never been rafting on the Vermilion River, you should consider taking a trip on one of the Grand Canyon’s rapids. At this time, there is also no fee to enter the Grand Canyon.

There are several Class III and IV rapids that make their home in the Oglesby Creek watershed. The first two that will come to mind are Upper Yosemite Cut and Lower Yosemite Fall. To the west of these falls are two small Class III rapids, called Olompali and Fork Butte. The southwest is three Class III rapids, called Upper Yosemite Fall, Merced Falls, and Upper Yosemite Climbs. This is an excellent place to explore the river if you prefer to stay close to home.

How Should Be The Last Day Of Your Vermillion River Rafting Trip?

The last day of your vermillion river rafting trip should be devoted to enjoying yourself. Try to go for as many photo opportunities as possible. You can get some spectacular snapshots on this tour. It’s best to go on at least one such tour per year because the more whitewater you see, the more memories you will have.

Final Thoughts

If you have never rafted the Vermillion River before, don’t expect to go all the way from Menominee to the rim of the Grand Canyon. There is a lot of hiking and camping involved. There are many Menominee hotels within walking distance, so you won’t have to sacrifice your vacation budget when you opt for whitewater rafting in Peshtigo.

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