Three Essential Rock Climbing Techniques

rock climbing techniques

There are great Rock Climbing Techniques followed by rock climbers around the world. The great climbers do not believe in climbing instead, they believe in using Rock Climbing Techniques to reach a certain desired spot. For being a good climber, learning Rock Climbing Techniques is the key. The best and the most appropriate way of doing that is by climbing as much as you can. All you need to do is focus on your balance and movement. The more swiftly you learn the Rock Climbing Techniques, the better you will get at climbing. The art of learning climbing is as basic as climbing a tree, however, it is not something that you can learn overnight. Once you have learned to move nicely vertically, then you will get the reward of a life full of challenges. Rock climbing can be divided into two parts: Face climbing and crack climbing. But mostly the Rock Climbing Techniques involve the usage of the combination of both techniques.

Let’s Look At Some Of Rock Climbing Techniques

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It is not easy to state how important a good technique is. Once you learn the Rock Climbing Techniques, climbing becomes easier and you will notice yourself floating up the most difficult routes. There are three bases of Rock Climbing Techniques.

Different ways of using your feet

Different ways of maintaining balance

Different ways to increase efficiency

Rock Climbing Techniques involving the usage of your feet: there are two ways of doing this, edging and smearing. Feet are the most important part of climbing. While feet are the foundation, hands are arms are necessary for maintaining a good balance. So, the basic guidelines are:

Keep your feet directly below you, this will help in maintaining a good balance.

Instead of looking out for handholds, search for placements of the foot.

Once you have placed your foot somewhere, make sure you keep it still.

Keep the levels of heel low, which is why you will have a good amount of contact with the wall.

A man riding on the back of a waterfall

Some of the tactics of balancing are:

Make sure you press your foot against the direction of the pull for creating counter pressure.

Using your other hand or hooked foot, pull in the other direction.

Use your body weight as a counterbalance.

It is always said that happy arms are straight arms.

Hips should be your focus.

You should focus on keeping your one hip pushed against the wall.

One should climb with their eyes.

Always take a rest whenever you can because you need an energy booster for acing-up the game.

If you keep your hip closer to the wall, make sure that you bring your shoulder close as well.


Rock Climbing Techniques need to be learned about well before you start climbing. Once you have aced these Rock Climbing Techniques, you will be a master of rock climbing.

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