Top Kayaking Basics You Must Know Before Getting Into Kayak

Top Kayaking Basics You Must Know Before Getting Into Kayak

Kayaking is one of the enjoyable sports that every adventurous person would love to do it. Flatwater, whitewater, sea, and fishing kayak are some of the interesting ways to relish this fun-filled sports activity. Without knowledge of the right techniques, this sport can also prove to be dangerous. We have compiled a list of tips that you should follow before you dive into the water for the first time.

Get Trained In Kayaking

The first tip that we have for you is to get coaching. Many water sports experts offer specialized training to people who are new to this sport. Research on Google, and talk to your friends to find out a center that offers such training. With the right coaching, you learn the right techniques that save your time and make the most out of the experience.

Top Kayaking Basics You Must Know Before Getting Into Kayak
Top Kayaking Basics You Must Know Before Getting Into Kayak

Carry Essential Gears To Do Kayaking

At the time of starting this activity, get all the necessary gears in place. Here is a complete list of what gears you must carry to perform the sport.

  • coastguard-approved personal flotation device that fits correctly
  • paddle
  • spray skirt
  • bilge pump,
  • physical maps

Proper clothes when the weather is warm:

  • shorts or swimwear,
  • short sleeves or long sleeve non-cotton rash guard top.
  • footwear,
  • sun-protecting hat,
  • sa lightweight vest or fleece jacket,
  • spray jacket, and pants,
  • carry a wet-suit in cold weather conditions

Personal items

In addition to clothes, also carry a few personal elements such as

  • a lot of water,
  • dry bags,
  • headlamp,
  • snacks to give you an energy boost,
  • sunscreen,
  • lip balm,
  • sunglasses,
  • watch
  • first-aid kit, and
  • signaling whistle

Buy water-resistant storage cases for kayaking

Top Kayaking Basics You Must Know Before Getting Into Kayak
Top Kayaking Basics You Must Know Before Getting Into Kayak

Water-resistant storage cases are very important to prevent your items like smartphones, wallets, electronics, food, etc. from getting wet. It is important to keep them protected in these cases while you perform the sport. Durable press and seal containers, and dry bags are two great options to consider for this purpose.

Select the right boat for the fishing kayak

There is a wide range of boats available to perform this water sport. Make the decision based on your experience level, weather conditions, and personal preference. Choose from long narrow racing boats, flatwater boat, sit-on-top boats, small squat freestyle playboats, etc. It is a wise decision to rent a boat than investing in it.

Learn the style of paddling for kayaking

Before you hit the water, get an actual feel of what paddling is. You can straddle a chair without arm support while holding a hockey stick, and paddle from side to side. The right way to paddle is to hold the stick using hands exactly over shoulder length distance apart. Ensure that the concave side of the blade faces you.

Wear the lifejacket while performing fishing kayak

Whether you are a learned or a newbie in this water sport, it is essential to wear buoyancy support. It enables easy movement around the neck and arms. When you wear this aid, it will save you from any trouble in unfortunate circumstances. 


Jumping into the water can be a daunting experience when you no knowledge of rowing or paddling. By getting your fundamentals right, you can confidently engage in this water sport and create some beautiful memories too.

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