Water Rafting: Safety Tips

Water Rafting – Safety Tips For First Timers

If you are fond of adventure activities, then water rafting should be in your bucket list. Moreover, you are either thinking of it or have planned to go for rafting in the water. Is it safe? Is it suitable for me? Such types of questions have been revolving in your mind since the day you decided to give it a try. Well, don’t worry, we are here to educate you about the safety tips regarding rafting. Let’s get started.

Choose A Professional Outfitter

One can only trust a licensed outfitter who has been working in this field for a long time. While shopping for them, ask about their training guide and permit license. Afterward, use the power of the internet and search them online. Don’t trust the words blindly as getting a right outfitter is essential to stay safe while rafting. The registered one has bonded to every rule made by the respective government entity and is usually considered safe.

Professional Floating Device

Getting into a life jacket isn’t enough to save your life. People usually have this mindset that life jacket is more than enough. However, the statement isn’t wholly correct. You have to wear it correctly; otherwise, it would slip over your head. Thus, we must go for a fitted jacket and do make sure its buckles are correctly clipped.

Go For The Right Outwear

A pair of water shoes, a splash jacket, and a wet suit would do the work. In general, people prefer comfortable outerwear while being on a raft. Moreover, you can either rent them or buy them from the shops. For the first-timers, it is better to rent one so that you will know what to buy when you go shopping. Besides outwear, they even provide gears that are part of their package. Furthermore, the raft masters also sell sunglasses and sunscreen.

Know The Commands

In the beginning, your instructor has a session where he will teach you every command and safety tips you should know. Thus, remember all the commands because the instructor is going to use them while rafting. Moreover, you will get to know the swimming position that is “downriver swim position.” As soon as you fall or jump into the water, you have to use it, so learn it carefully.

Don’t Panic

People tend to panic when they fall in the water, especially the first-timers. However, the key is to stay calm whenever your boat flips. Moreover, you need to be a great listener, both on and off the boat. Sometimes, people watch videos of river rafting and think they know everything. Never make this mistake; otherwise, this attitude might cost you.


There is always a certain amount of risk involved in river rafting, but isn’t everything risky around us? You can enjoy this outdoor adventure activity without any worries if you stay alert all the time. Therefore, don’t let these small worries stop you from doing daring things. Get some friends, make a plan, book tickets, and get ready for rafting.

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