Water Sports at Waverlunner Island

marco island water sports

“Looking for fun things to do at Marco Island? We have you covered! Since 1981 we have been offering quality water sports adventures and facilities on this magical island located in the Gulf of Mexico. Adventures offered range from jet skiing and wave runner tours, dolphin and marine life sightseeing tours, guided boat tours, parasailing experiences, the ten thousand islands guided tours, and many more exciting water sports.

Try Jet Skiing

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One of the most popular activities offered is jet skiing. With a magnificent view of the Gulf of Mexico and the island of Marco in the background, there is nothing more exciting Marco island water sports or adventure than riding out into this fresh new world of air. Experienced jet skiers can learn how to maneuver their craft through the waves of the gulf, making it possible for you to hit high speeds and be almost anywhere in front of your airplane at the touch of a button. In the process you will also meet some unique creatures that live along the Gulf of Mexico. These creatures are part of the endangered species of the gulf coast, so if you were to bring them up on land for an experience, you would probably be arrested!

Another popular option to experience the excitement of the Marco Island water sports is parasailing. For the best views of the ocean, you can use cable ties to suspend yourself from the edge of the boat and safely navigate along the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the top destinations where you can enjoy parasailing include the San Diego beaches, Los Angeles Harbor, and along the Gulf of Mexico. Experienced sailboat crews will know all the locations where you can go to enjoy the exciting Marco island water sports.

Importance Of Kids Animal Adaptation

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The third place where you can experience the Marco island water sports is along the coast of the island. If you want to get up close to the seals, you can do so by taking your own catamaran out onto the water. Sail boats are not the only boats that you will find here, nor are they the only ones that offer water-sports opportunities. You can relax on the deck while the catamaran takes care of the sails, enjoy the sun, and listen to the gentle flow of the water as it gently caresses the beaches of the island. If the weather permits, you can even camp out at one of the marina’s marina spaces to take advantage of all the amenities that are offered.

The Optical Zoom

One of the most popular water sports that you will find when you venture to the Marco Island, Mexico, is parasailing. There are several parasailing opportunities available to anyone who wants to try their hand at it. If you are an experienced parasail rider, then there is no need for you to worry about learning a new skill. However, if you are just starting out or are just looking for a way to experience the sport without the risk of crashing into rocks, then taking lessons from a professional parasailing instructor in order to learn how to properly do the job is the way to go.

Bottom Line

Other activities that you can participate in include snorkeling and kayaking. Snorkeling is ideal for those who want to learn how to interact with the marine ecosystem while enjoying the sights that are available to you. In kayaking, you will get to learn how to handle the vessel and learn how to paddle through the water in a relaxing manner. It is also possible to do some parasailing at a Waverlunner and you will get to see what it feels like to angle in a wind current and to turn around quickly without losing your balance. Parasailing can be a little bit dangerous, so only do it with a qualified trainer who knows how to maneuver the craft through the water as smoothly as possible. No matter which one of the parasail or dolphin watch beach resort water sports options you choose, you will be able to have an incredible adventure on board a Waverlunner!

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