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“Tidal Wave Water Sport provides the most thrilling water sports activities and entertainment in Charleston, SC. With parasailing, wakeboarding, & water skiing, we’ll make your trip an unforgettable experience. Tidal Wave Water Sport operates with fully licensed captains to ensure your trip’s safety and enjoyment. Let’s take you on a tour of our facilities, from our water sports headquarters in North Charleston to our exciting beachfront locations.

Cooper Rivers And The Williamsburg Channel

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

North Charleston is a small island, lying between the Cooper Rivers and the Williamsburg Channel. This small community has a lot to offer for tourists and visitors as it is easily accessible via the famous Cooper River. Located just across the water, the town of North Charleston features a picturesque location for any vacation rental. The county of Charleston has its own seal, courthouse, judge house, state capitol and legislature.

Several water sport businesses have made a name for themselves in the area and several of them offer the finest in kayaking, water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing and wakeboard rentals. Tidal Wave Water Sports owns and operates twenty-five acres of dock space and is one of the premier renters of tidal wave rentals. The Tidal Wave Water Sports headquarters is located on a two-acre private yacht dock that offers a spacious decking area with direct, public access.

Tidal Wave Water Sports

A man carrying a surf board on a body of water

The Tidal Wave Water Sports’ leases are renewable annually and can be renewed online through their website. They maintain water sports leases throughout the state of South Carolina. If you are interested in renting a boat or other equipment, they have salespeople who can assist you in finding the best deal possible. To get a taste of what Tidal Wave Water Sports has to offer, check out their website and learn more about the sport facilities and amenities they offer.

You can enjoy the great outdoors while protecting yourself against the hazards of boating accidents and the weather conditions. Choose from different boat models ranging from a small aluminum inflatable boat, right up to a pontoon or full size fiberglass vessel. You will also find sport fishing boats available with all of the amenities and creature comforts you would find on a boat. You can rent a fishing boat for sporting events or for a day of freshwater fishing.

Make The Journey Across The Atlantic Or Pacific Oceans

For those individuals who wish to indulge in water sports but do not want to make the journey across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, there is an option called kayaking. Kayaks have evolved to suit the new environment as well as provide extreme pleasure. Kayaks are available in various sizes, shapes, styles, and are made of various materials including wood, plastic, aluminum, and even composite materials. If you have never kayaked before, you should take some training courses, either with a local instructor or at one of the local sports stores. Then you will be ready to embark on your first kayak venture.

Kayaks have evolved into an extreme sport for individuals who love to kayak for sport and adventure as well as for recreation. Typically, kayaks use paddle boards which are propelled by the kayak paddle. Paddle boards provide much better maneuverability in choppy water and are safer than traditional fins. Kayaks can be fitted with inflatable kayak paddle boards or you can use regular paddle boards.

Last Words

There are several places where you can go to experience this sport. One option would be a New Zealand coastal town known as the Bay of Islands. There, visitors can kayak through the tidal wave pools for one of the most amazing experiences in the world. The water is clear, cold, and quite deep. Another place that offers tidal wave pools is in Australia at the Qantas Beach.

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