Wolf River Rafting Adventures – How To Pack For A Trip

wolf river rafting

White Lake is a wonderful place for those who love to travel outdoors and take in nature. You could spend a leisurely afternoon exploring the local sights and visiting the things that the area has to offer. You could go for a cruise on the Snake River or even take part in a gold rush. If you want to get things to do and see in the local area, you might want to check out Kettlebowl Ski Area along the Wolf River. This is a great way to explore a bit of the history while still getting your adrenaline fix.

An Overview

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One of the things that this particular rafting company offers is a guided trip on the Nisqually River. Each of the boats is equipped with skis so you will be able to enjoy the sights as well as the water clarity. You will be able to learn about some of the native plants as well as the history of the areas natural resources. The rapids here are considered Class 1 rapids. This means that they have very high water clarity standards. This is one of the primary reasons that this tour is offered.

Packages are available that include the rafts, guides, and lunch. This is a great deal for anyone because you will not have to pay for any meals while on the trip. If you have never been on a trip like this before, this is a great way to learn what to expect before embarking on your own adventure. You will also get some first hand experience with the equipment that you will be using.

Some Scenery

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When you go on a trip like this, you will be amazed at how some of the scenery can change just by looking out into the water. You will see some geysers, beautiful waterfalls, and dramatic rock formations. There are lots of flora and fauna as well. These rapids are very scenic and offer a wonderful way to relax on your journey through The Wolf River.

There are two primary areas you can travel through on your Wolf River rafting trip. One of these is the Bright Angel River which has a lower flow rate than the Wolf River. This allows for better rafting opportunities in the summer when the rivers are at their most beautiful. The second area is called the Boulder Garden and it is basically a class 2 rapid.

Great Experience

The Boulder Garden rapid is a very fun rafting experience. It has five class II rapids including Glider Rock, Tugboat Springs, Boulder Dam, and Staircase Falls. Each of these has their own unique characteristic. Some of them even come with a Falls View that shows you exactly where the falls are. You will love how close a look you get to the actual falls.

There are a lot of different places you can take your rafting vacation. If you want to get out and about and enjoy the natural beauty of this amazing river, you can take-out your equipment and camp right next to the river. This is a great way to see some of the wilder parts of the park because you won’t be staying in a cabin. There is no reason to not take part in all of the fun nature has to offer during a wilderness camping trip in Colorado.


For people who don’t like to do the hiking type of trips, there are several different river outfitters that will help you learn how to raft. These guys will take you out on the river in boats and teach you to raft. When you learn to raft, you can take-out your own boat and go whitewater rafting down any Colorado River. There is a high chance that you might run into a few other people out on the river as you travel through it, but it is still a really cool way to travel. You will have a lot more fun than if you chose to just stay in a lodge!

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