Work In Thailand & Study As A Scuba Diver

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One of Thailand’s great attractions is Phuket Island. It is also one of Thailand’s primary locations for Scuba Diving.

Phuket is home to some of the best dive sites in the world. Some famous dive sites in the area include: The Deep South Pole, The Salkantang Islands, Koh Panyee, Koh Tao, and The islands of Zanzibar and Mauritius. Most diving packages in Thailand take divers to the islands and allow them to participate in some great Thai massage and snorkeling sessions. Some of the best Thai scuba diving in the world takes place in the waters surrounding these islands.

A Divemaster

In order to be able to work as a divemaster in Thailand, you will need a working visa and a diving work permit from the Thai government. If you do not own a working passport, you will need to get one from the nearest Thai embassy. Many tourists work as divemasters in Thailand without any requirement for a working visa, as they are not considered workers by the Thai government. The majority of these divemasters work in conjunction with tour companies and travel agents.

A lot of popular diving sites are found in the vicinity of Phuket and this is where most foreign tourists go to dive in Thailand. Some of the more popular diving sites in Thailand include such islands as Sipadan, Koh Tao and Kerch island. Scuba divers from across the globe dive here regularly and many of them even come back year after year to continue exploring the marine life and reefs in the area. The water around Phuket is relatively clear and very shallow and there are a number of wrecks suitable for wreck diving in Thailand.

Gulf Of Thailand

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The beauty of Thailand is found in the sea and the country has many interesting places to explore underwater. One of the most visited areas in Thailand is the Gulf of Thailand and the islands surrounding it. This region has some of the richest marine life in the world with an incredible variety of coral and other creatures including sharks. Another popular scuba diving destination is the South Pacific and the islands there. Some of the islands here are home to rare and beautiful coral reefs which are home to a large variety of species.

The waters surrounding the islands are also home to some amazing dive sites but they are not as common or famous as the Hawaiian or Island destinations. The waters off Southern Thailand are well known for their coral reefs and other interesting marine life.

Koh Samui And Ko Samu

The seas off Koh Samui and Ko Samui are also popular dive sites but the conditions in these waters are usually quite tough and divers can expect to be turned away at times. South east of Phuket are also popular diving locations but they are often crowded and the quality of the marine life is lower than anywhere else in the region.

If you like to have an adventure with your holiday then there is no better place than Phuket. The tropical weather is perfect for scuba diving and the waters are warm and crystal clear. There are many dive sites to explore and the waters are teeming with a wide variety of fish and other fascinating marine life. Phuket also has one of the largest Thai Thaian populations and this makes the Thai scuba diving industry very busy with qualified divers coming here to dive.

Final Words

To work as a scuba diver in Thailand you need to be licensed by the Thai Office of Tourism and require a diving permit to enter the country. You also need to undergo training by Thai divemasters who are often located at resorts or around Phuket’s seaside. Many of these instructors will be based in Phuket but you will sometimes find some instructors who are based around Koh Samui, Koh Nangyuan and Chaweng.

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